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Battleborn: Learn From The Boot Camp Trailer



A newbie in Battleborn? We’ll we’ve got you covered. A new trailer video will cover the basics and hopefully when you finish.You now will be skilled enough for the game. The video is quite hilarious in itself. It features Oscar Mike and ISIC in the adorable “recruitment” video.

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The Battleborn Boot Camp video is about 12 minutes long. So listen up and learn from what the video teaches. You must save the final star in the universe from the enemy villain. The gameplay modes that are available to play are solo mode and co-op modes. There will also be territorial combats like Capture, Meltdown and Incursion. Need to upgrade? Just earn the credits so you can do those upgrades as well as changing to fancy outfits and purchase gestures as well. Check out the many different affiliations that you can be with namely  Jennerit, Rogues, UPR, Eldrid and LLC.

Upgrades will be available as long as you earn those credits needed by them.

Get to know each fighting heros of Battleborn. You can put this to the test by joining their open beta which starts on April 8 for PlayStation 4 and April 13 for PC and Xbox One.

You can start pre-ordering Battleborn for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now.


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