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Design Your Very Own Titan In Titanfall 2 Titan Customization

Titanfall 2 Titan Customization game_banner_090516-01

Respawn has recently revealed a video trailer introducing the ability to customize the Titan and pilot. Joel Emslie, the art director narrates about the many visual customizations that are available for your Titan and pilot. With all these, you can personalize your own pilots and Titans.

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Emslie continues to add that when you have the ability to customize your Titan and pilot, it will give you the chance to show yourself and your personality. This is done through the many available war paints, camos, and nose art available for the Titans. A great thing about these customizations is that it can actually work with the environment making you able to camouflage yourself.

Imagine how the battlefield will look like with all the colorful Titans and pilots. Cool huh!

The video below will give you the full insight on what you can do with the visual customizations available in Titanfall 2.

What do you think about the Titan and pilot customization? Are you for it or not? Let us know in the comments below.



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