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DiRT 4 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Speed, Weather, and More


Codemasters recently released a DiRT 4 gameplay trailer and it is absolutely adrenaline inducing.

DiRT 4
Chart Icon 78%
Dirt 4 PS4
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Dirt 4 Xbox One
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In terms of gameplay, this racing video game is looking very good. It looks more realistic than ever with its dirt tracks, weather system, and day and night cycle. It is amazing that you can see the dirt roads change in reaction to the dynamic weather conditions. The tracks will become wet and muddy when it rains and slippery and icy when it snows. The night and day cycle also gives its players a challenge since it is very hard to race at night.

Get to see in the video, high-octane races that will surely cater to all racing addicts out there.

Watch the DiRT 4 gameplay trailer below:

DiRT 4 launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 6, 2017. There are over 50 road vehicles and three different game types which are Rally, Rallycross 7 and Land Rush. The feature Your Stage is also available, it is the game’s customization feature that allows players to create their very own race tracks.


Straight Tracks Available in DiRT 4 Your Stage

A new feature to the DiRT 4 Career Mode is called straight tracks. This is available in the Your Stage feature of the game. It lets you customize your very own race tracks.

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