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Drive In The Crazy GTA Online Cunning Stunts

cunning stunts cover

You will be literally driving in a rollercoaster in GTA Online

Rockstar Games recently announced the Cunning Stunts update with the multiplayer mode of GTA 5. The Cunning Stunts update will be made available for GTA Online this coming July 12, 2016.

The GTA Online Cunning Stunts is very different compared to the other games in the franchise. Cunning Stunts will let you drive in a fantasy like scenario in the skyline of Los Santos. Massive structures of loops and ramps will be your race track. Some boosts are also available on ramps which will propel you into the sky. You can also jump through burning hoops in the game! So much crazy fun.

New and different kinds of vehicles will be available for you and it comes with matching drivers who looks like the part.

“…racing livery-clad vehicles deserve appropriately tatted and dressed drivers sporting new motocross gear, racing suits, helmets and a host of other additions.”

GTA Online Cunning Stunts is absolutely crazy but in a fun way. Get to try all the available vehicles from motorbikes, to sports cars and super cars.

cunning stunts info

If you love games like Trackmania, you will definitely love this. The game is available to play for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.


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