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Exhilarating Surge Launch Trailer Signals Game Release


The reveal of the Surge launch trailer shows some intense fight scenes. Focus Home Interactive’s newest trailer will give you a quick look at the megacorporation CREO as well as its protagonist named Warren.

The Surge
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The Surge PS4
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The Surge Xbox One
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Watch the Surge launch trailer below:

From the creators of The Fallen, Deck 13 presents their newest game, the Surge. It is a role-playing game that is centered on the game’s protagonist Warren. He is a CREO employee and because of the nature of his job, is fitted with a mechanical exosuit. The game fights are stamina based which is kind of like Dark Souls. A special feature of the game is their limb-based targeting system. This system allows the players to target certain limbs of their opponents in order to use it as your own weapon or gear or for upgrades.

The Surge launches on May 16, 2017, available to be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


The Surge Combat is Intense, Dynamic, and Fast Paced!

A new trailer is available for the Surge in order to show the fast paced, dynamic and intense enemy encounters. You can get to watch the video here!

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