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Expect The Surge Combat To Be Extreme, Powerful And Fast Paced!


Watch The Surge Combat trailer and you will see how extreme, powerful and fast-paced the enemy encounters are.

As you will see in the video, there are a variety of ways to fight off your enemies and survive the CREO facility. It will also show you how the game’s technical combat system works. There are vertical and horizontal attacks as well as targeted dismemberment. The dismembered limbs can be taken in to be looted and used for your own Exo suit.

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“Looting upgrades for your Exo suit is key to progression, and surviving challenging physically based combat situations is a matter of skill,” said Deck 13.

The dodges and blocks are also available and this is enhanced further by your Exo suit for you to avoid attacks. When doing this, learn to manage your stamina. Do make sure that everything is timed right to dismember a limb to avoid a possible deadly blow.

“The rules of combat apply to both you and your enemy: get hit in an unarmored limb, and you’ll go down faster. Take advantage of the enemy’s weakness while balancing your own, and you’ll walk away with his strengths.”

Combat is hard yet rewarding. You won’t have to fight alone though, as you can seek assistance from your industrial drone. It can shield you and also burn, blast, knockdown, and pull your enemies.

Watch The Surge Combat trailer below:


Watch The Surge New Trailer Called Target, Loot, and Equip

Target, Loot and Equip is The Surge’s newest trailer. The video is around two minutes long and it features how to loot from your enemies.

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