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Introducing The Bombshells In Agents of Mayhem Trailer

Agents of Mayhem Trailer Cover


Deep Silver launched a new Agents of Mayhem trailer about the “Bombshells”. The game already has a host of odd characters, however, these three is the oddest of all.

Agents of Mayhem
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Agents of Mayhem PS4
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When it’s time to bring out the big guns, that is the time that you would need the Bombshells: Joule, Roma, and Red Card.

Joule can walk the catwalk and blow enemies up as well. She is a combination of beauty as well as brains especially in making death traps. Next one up is the immunologist Roma, who is also beauty plus brains. Although she is in the medical field, she still has an amazing power for destruction. And to complete the bunch is “the football loving Red Card who is crazy strong as well.

Get to know the Bombshells a bit more with the video trailer below:

This action-adventure video game that gives its players a feel like that of Saints Row is finally here. The fame is actually set to be played by threes, so choose wisely from the twelve characters available. Your main goal is to stop the evil plans of the LEGION.

Agents of Mayhem officially releases on August 15, 2017 (NA) and August 18, 2017 (EU) available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


New Open World Game, Agents of Mayhem Release Date Set

The newest game from Deep Silver, Agents of Mayhem now has an official release date!

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