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Know Who The Constructor HD Undesirables Are! (Part 2)


Here’s the continuation to the Constructor HD Undesirables Guide! We have previously introduced four of the eight Undesirables in the game: The Hippy, The Gangster, Mr Fixit, and The Thief. Today, let’s meet the other four: Thugs, Ghost, Clown, and Psycho.

Constructor HD
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Constructor HD PS4
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Thugs – They are not the smartest of the Undesirables but you can definitely count on them to destroy someone else’s day. They are ready and they absolutely love their ska music.

Ghost – A haunted home is a less selling home. So you can use ghosts for your game plan. Not only will you have Poltergeists, it also comes with a zombie problem as well.

Clown – Not all clowns are fun and games. Some are a part of nightmares, like the killer clown.

Psycho – No punches thrown here but he is a chainsaw wielding madman that can put a stop to any construction or scare anyone away in an instant.

You have now been introduced to all eight Undesirable of Constructor HD. Now get ready for the game’s release on May 26, 2017.


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