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New Alien And Human Powers Shown In Prey Trailer


The newest Prey trailer features the varied alien as well as human powers that Morgan Yu contains. Fans of the game are totally amused with Morgan’s ability called Mimic. This ability allows Morgan to turn into other objects as well as do other things.

Prey 2017
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Morgan Yu has the “ability” to “install” additional abilities that range from human powers like jumping higher and running faster etc. or perhaps some alien abilities. You can check these things out in the new trailer below:

“Whether you focus on just human powers – allowing you to run faster, jump higher, use firearms better and more – or if you instead branch off into the myriad Typhoon abilities, one thing’s certain: Prey offers players a wide range of ways to annihilate aliens. From Superthermal to Psychoshock and beyond, these powers will make all the difference in your mission to fight the aliens and save the world,” said Bethesda.

And according to the game’s Creative Director Raphael Colantonio, the players are given a chance to play how they want to.” No two players will have the same experience.” he said.

Prey launched on May 5, 2017, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


First 35 Minutes Of Prey Gameplay Available To Watch!

Get to check out the first 35 minutes of the Prey gameplay by Bethesda Software. The video does contain spoilers so consider yourself warned.

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