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Operator Mira Introduced In Rainbow Six Siege Operation Velvet Shell


The second operator for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Velvet Shell is introduced. Her name is Elena Maria Alvarez also known as Mira. Same with the first operator Jackal, Mira is from the Spanish Forces known as GEO or Grupo Especial de Operaciones.

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As shown in the teaser trailer below up holes that are perfectly rectangular through very thick walls. The other operator, Jackal, on the other hand, has the ability to track enemies via the footprints they left behind via his special gadget.

“The charge punches a perfect, rectangular murder hole through the steel barricade, but there’s more to it than that…” said Ubisoft.

The two new operator will be available on February 7, 2017. And more information about them is available in the Sixth Invitational that opens on February 3 to 5.

The Operation Velvet Shell DLC comes with a new map as well which is called Coastlines showcasing the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza.

The DLC can be played for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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