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Overwatch Has A New Hero And It Is The Most Awaited Sombra


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So many Overwatch fans are waiting for this day, as Blizzard finally announces the new hero added to the game is Sombra. The reveal took place during Blizzcon 2016 last November 4 to November 5 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

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Sombra is one really amazing hero. She concentrates on offense and is a master of stealth and hacking. She has the ability to disrupt enemies by hacking them or take on multiplayer enemies at the same time by using her EMP. She can confuse her enemies by using her translocate or camouflage ability. Her fully-automatic machine pistol can fire at close range and blow enemies away.

List of Sombra’s Abilities

sombra-machine-pistolMachine Pistol

This Machine Pistol fires at short-range spreads and is fully automatic.


The hack ability lets Sombra hack onto enemies making them unable to use their abilities temporarily.

sombra-thermoptic-camoThermoptic Camo

The Thermoptic Camo help Sombra become invisible and increases her speed. This can only be disabled when she attacks, or uses any of her offensive abilities or is hit by an enemy.


Place Sombra’s Translocator Beacon so you can go back to where the beacon is placed when active.


A powerful skill that discharges a wide radius of electromagnetic energy. I can destroy shields and barriers of enemies. Enemies in range will also be hacked.

Sombra is one powerful and awesome hero! Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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