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PC Games Deals 08/18

Welcome to Price Drop! Here you’ll find all the best deals on PC games today. Download games and save on our daily deals. You can also join our giveaways for a chance to win good games for free. Hot deals and free games, just the way you like it.

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74% off!

It’s a puzzle game. So what’s new?! Well, try no saving, no checkpoints, and a thousand ways to die. Why So Evil (80% Rating) challenges every gamer to complete it without dying even once. With over 50 levels with different platforms, realistic physics and weather conditions, and challenging secrets, it’ll have you screaming ‘why so evil?!’ even in your sleep.


69% off!

Darkness is creeping in every dimension, and you must defeat the Demon Lord before it engulfs everything. One Way Heroics (74% Rating) is a unique roguelike action RPG where players constantly move to the right to avoid the creeping darkness coming from the left. Each move you make causes the darkness to move to the right and so you’ll have to think carefully about your moves. With lots of different classes and abilities, different landscapes and creatures per dimension, and procedurally generated worlds, each playthrough is unique and helps you get closer and closer to your inescapable duel with the Demon Lord.


60% off!

A year has passed since the Event, a cataclysmic event that wiped out most of the human race. You are one of those who survived. Now you journey to find your long lost wife and daughter. I Am Alive (73% Rating) is finally on PC. Explore a dark atmospheric world as you fight to survive. Explore a post-apocalyptic city where not all survivors are friendly and will use group tactics to hunt you down. You’ll have to use your head to bring down groups of enemies as ammo is scarce and you’ll need to save it if you wish to survive.


You wake up outside a small town. A storm has just passed and the sun is about to go down. Your mind can’t quite make sense of how you got here, but your body shivers as if telling you it remembers well. Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (82% Rating) puts you on a mission to find a missing girl and save yourself from the ancient evil that lurks in this seemingly peaceful land. It’s a hidden-object, puzzle-adventure game that belongs in the library of every fan of the genre… and those who are aren’t quite convinced yet.


An evil sorcerer attacks the Kingdom of Alexandria with an army of darkness and kills all the royal guard knights fall in battle – all except you. Castle in the Darkness (76% Rating) is an action platformer that pays tribute to the classic Castlevania and Metroid games. Level up your knight and unlock different abilities. Use over 100 weapons, armor, items and spells in your quest. Battle over 50 challenging bosses. Will you be able to save the princess and restore peace to the kingdom?



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