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PC Games Deals 09/01

Welcome to Price Drop! Here you’ll find all the best deals on PC games today. Download games and save on our daily deals. You can also join our giveaways for a chance to win good games for free. Hot deals and free games, just the way you like it.

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76% off!

Move over Mario! It’s time for Garfield and the rest of the gang to take over the high-speed circuit. Garfield Kart (97% Rating) is a no-holds-barred racing game that features crazy races you can play alone or with your friends. Test your driving skills on 16 different circuits with one of 8 lovable characters behind the wheel. Challenge friends on any platform in 3 different game modes. Keep it fresh with daily challenges and customize your character with lots of different options. It’s every race for himself. Will you be the first to the finish line?

76% off!

Your name is Charlie, a rich heir who divides your time between philanthropy and being a private detective. As the latter, you rely on two things – your impeccable memory and a unique skill that let’s you revisit places you’ve been to in your dreams. Solve puzzles as you gather clues in reality and retrace your steps in the dreamworld. With its graphic style, humor and unique concept, Dream Chamber (68% Rating) will surely appeal to seasoned fans of the adventure genre and newcomers alike.

You are a clone trapped in a state-of-the-art facility. You only have a single purpose – to escape. Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (84% Rating) features exploration-focused platforming where you use your wits to go through 60 interlinked levels as you find other clones and ultimately try to escape. Death is not final, being the clone that you are. Instead, the game encourages you to learn from each death as move closer to your freedom. With lots of hi-tech gadgets to use, great visuals and soundtrack, terrifying bosses, and a fully functioning level editor, solve puzzles and discover secret areas as you make your epic escape. Good luck!

After his last case, Red Johnson, a private detective, has made himself popular. So popular in fact that the mafia has put a mark on his head. Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All (79% Rating) has you investigating the disappearance of Red’s brother. Collect clues and solve puzzles in a dark world filled with tough characters and made with a touch of humor. With only a severed finger to prove your brother is still alive, will you be able to discover the truth and save him?

Stake your life and honor for country and the crown as you join the Royal Air Force and battle for Britain. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover (60% Rating) lets you relive some of the most exciting dogfights of World War II. Pilot over 25 aircrafts including the Spitfire and The Hurricane. Fly through massive environments, over cities and towns, through England, France, Belgium and more. With realistic damage, massive multiplayer battles and detailed environments, fly through the skies and take down every enemy with skill. Are you ready, ace?


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