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By JD on September 7, 2015 Deal of the Day with No Comments

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87% off!

In Rust (67% Rating), you only have one goal – to survive! No zombies, no monsters, just you and nature… oh and other men bent on doing anything in order to survive too – including killing you and grabbing your loot. Build a shelter, gather resources, craft gear, build alliances and hunt down enemies. It’s survival of the fittest. The question is – are you fit to survive?

realMyst gets a complete overhaul in celebration of the 20th anniversary or the original Myst. Roam freely in full 3D or relive the classic experience with point-and-click navigation – it’s completely up to you. With added advanced graphic effects, day and night cycles, interactive guides, auto-saves and bookmark features, a haunting sountrack and dynamic 3D sounds, get lost in a thrilling adventure set in a surreal world. Are you ready to explore the world of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition (85% Rating)?

41% off!

Mankind has finally achieved immortality… well, sort of. Welcome to the Soul Cloud, where you can upload your soul so that your memories can live on for eternity. Master Reboot (61% Rating) takes you inside the Soul Cloud for some diverse and challenging first-person puzzle-solving. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric visuals and follow an intriguing storyline as you try to piece your life together and make sense of what really makes us human. Get ready for upload!

40% off!

Take a trip through video gaming history with your handy teleportation hat and crazy platforming skills. A Pixel Story (72% Rating) takes you through for eras charting the evolution of video games. As you progress, the world becomes more detailed and complicated, making each level increasingly more difficult as well. With gorgeous graphics, diverse worlds, lots of NPCs to interact with, and deviously designed platforming levels, unlock the power of your Magical Teleportation Hat and stop the evil OS to, you guessed it, save the world.

Get intimate with your favorite rides as you pop the hoods open and check out the inner workings. Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 (66% Rating) lets you experience what it’s like to operate your very own garage or repair shop. Order parts and maintain your inventory with both new and used stocks. Purchase repair manuals to improve you skills and increase efficiency. With over 120 repair tasks, eight different vehicle classes, and 2 free expansion packs delivering tons of new content, put your jumpers on and let’s get cracking. The car doctor is in!


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