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PC Games Deals 09/09

Welcome to Price Drop! Here you’ll find all the best deals on PC games today. Download games and save on our daily deals. You can also join our giveaways for a chance to win good games for free. Hot deals and free games, just the way you like it.

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76% off!

Put your boots on and take out the old cowboy hat, it’s time for some spaghetti western action platforming. Luckslinger (71% Rating) will have you collecting “luck” and using it to get out of sticky situations. Kill bandits and steal their luck. The more luck you have the more bullets miss, you get saved from bad jumps, and better loot drops. On the flip side, when you’re out of luck, bridges might collapse, rocks might come loose and really bad things happen. With intense gun fights and knife throwing action and your trusty pet duck thrown into the mix, this is one unique platformer that’ll have you thanking Lady Luck. Good luck!

Take a break from all the shooting, hacking and slashing as you trade your guns and swords for woks and meat. Cook, Serve, Delicious! (78% Rating) brings you a different kind of excitement as you try to turn your old, rundown diner into a world class restaurant. Prove your culinary skills and join the Iron Cook reality show. Play with or against your friends with the free Battle Kitchen expansion that introduces weekly challenges, brand new multiplayer modes and other game improvements. Get ready! It’s time for an old-fashioned cook-down.

31% off!

Ophelia and Oliver, soulmates lost in an unknown world, must brave through mysterious lands that are as elegant as they are deadly. Tulpa (98% Rating) pits players into an ever-changing world filled with puzzles and challenges. You’ll take control of both Ophelia and Oliver and utilize their different abilities to answer interactive riddles. You’ll have very little background, almost everything is left to your imagination. The answers are always right in front of you, though. The question is – will you see them?

26% off!

As Miles Upshur, an investigative journalist, you’ve been tasked to investigate the long-abandoned facility for the mentally ill called Mount Massive Asylum. Outlast (80% Rating) is a first-person survival horror game with a truly horrifying world realized in AAA-quality graphics. Acting on a tip from an anonymous source, you break into the facility only to find yourself desperately looking for a way out. You are no fighter, so you’ll have to run fast. Will you be able to solve the mystery at the heart of Mount Massive and survive?

The award-winning adventure game has returned with more than just an HD overhaul. Grim Fandango Remastered (84% Rating) is still the classic you love but with repainted high-resolution textures, new dynamic lighting, and re-recorded classic score with full live orchestra. Step into the shoes of Manny Calavera, travel agent to the dead, as he unravels a conspiracy that threatens his very salvation.


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