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Take a wild adventure into the depths of randomly generated stages filled with monsters and bosses. Vertical Drop Heroes HD (67% Rating) is a platformer RPG hybrid with rogue-like elements. Choose from different heroes, even the descendants of the ones who have fallen before. Unlock tons of skills, abilities and traits to customize your heroes with. With a unique combat system that focuses on proper planning, persistent upgrades and a challenging variety of enemies and bosses, go deeper and deeper and uncover the true secret behind the game.

49% off!

Mice have got to have cheese. It’s a universally known fact. So when you find mice with no way to get to their cheese, you just have to help. Mousecraft (69% Rating) combines elements of Lemmings and Tetris to create a unique puzzle game. Use blocks of well-known shapes to create a path for your mice and get them a treat. With over 80 hand-crafted levels in 4 different locations and a full-featured level editor to create your own levels, this game will keep you as busy as a mouse for hours.

47% off!

Ophelia and Oliver, soulmates lost in an unknown world, must brave through mysterious lands that are as elegant as they are deadly. Tulpa (98% Rating) pits players into an ever-changing world filled with puzzles and challenges. You’ll take control of both Ophelia and Oliver and utilize their different abilities to answer interactive riddles. You’ll have very little background, almost everything is left to your imagination. The answers are always right in front of you, though. The question is – will you see them?

47% off!

There’s one problem that has haunted split-screen shooters since time immemorial – screen cheating. With no way to prevent it in competitive modes, there was only one solution – make it a core component of the game! Screencheat (77% Rating) is a split-screen, competitive first-person shooter where everybody is invisible, so players have to look at each other’s screen to find someone to shoot. With both local and online multiplayer modes, ten crazy weapons, and highly customizable gameplay, there are no cheaters in this game, just sore losers.

45% off!

In a city filled with crime and corruption, Aiden Pearce finds himself on a quest for vengeance and justice. Watch Dogs (70% Rating) puts you in the shoes of a genius hacker slash thug turned into a crime-fighting vigilante. Peek into street cameras, download personal information, manipulate traffic lights, control public transportation and breach anything that’s connected online. Turn all these into tools and weapons as you take justice into your hands in an open-world, inner Chicago. Will you be able to get your revenge?


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