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The original assassin finds himself betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police. Now Agent 47 must embark on his most personal contract yet as he tries to gain redemption in a corrupt and twisted world. Hitman: Absolution (80% Rating) features a cinematic story and thrilling soundtrack in a living, breathing world. Create customer hits that you can share with friends with Contracts Mode. Use stealth and deception or fight your enemies head on. Use your skills and instincts to assume the identity of anyone you meet. Will you gain absolution in the end?

63% off!

Some people like to stay in fancy hotels. Others… well they love to build and manage them instead. Hotel Giant 2 (56% Rating) is the follow up to the internationally successful first outing. Your goal is simple – make sure your guests are satisfied during their stay. Manage 26 unique hotels in different locations across the globe. Observe your guests and influence their lives as you strive to meet their needs or face their wrath. With over 1,400 objects to decorate your hotels with, give your customers’ experience your personal touch. Do you have what it takes to rake in the tourists?

55% off!

Over six years in the making, Feist (69% Rating) is a unique hand-made adventure. Follow strange creatures as you venture through haunting forests, dangerous mountains, gloomy caves and neon swamps. Be careful of cleverly hidden traps and dangerous creatures that react to your every move. With a haunting soundtrack and cinematic presentation, you’ll need to think of every decision if you wish to survive.

52% off!

Ophelia and Oliver, soulmates lost in an unknown world, must brave through mysterious lands that are as elegant as they are deadly. Tulpa (98% Rating) pits players into an ever-changing world filled with puzzles and challenges. You’ll take control of both Ophelia and Oliver and utilize their different abilities to answer interactive riddles. You’ll have very little background, almost everything is left to your imagination. The answers are always right in front of you, though. The question is – will you see them?

Lara Croft is back on another thrilling adventure. In Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (82% Rating), Lara discovers the lost tomb of the Egyptian god Set. Lara accidentally frees the imprisoned god and fulfills the prophecy of Sets return to plunge mankind into darkness. Journey across Egypt as you face terrifying evil at every turn. If things weren’t bad enough, your rival, Werner Von Croy, is pursuing you as well. Solve ingenious puzzles, avoid deadly traps and save the world from Armageddon. Just another weekend for Lara Croft.


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