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By JD on September 30, 2015 Deal of the Day with No Comments

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69% off!

Created as a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games of the 90’s, Xenonauts (77% Rating) is a turn-based strategy game set in a Cold War era Earth. Aliens have come to invade our planet and you must use small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate them and steal their technology. With realistic, destructible battlefields, a combination of turn-based and management strategy, and an extensive research tree with hundreds of projects to unlock, complete each mission and secure the survival of our species. Our future is in your hands.

Go on an adventure as you help an interesting mix of goblins with different skills go through enchanted worlds for their kingdom. Gobliiins Trilogy (80% Rating) combines all 3 classic adventure puzzle games into a single package. Find the cure for the King’s madness, save the Prince Buffoon from the clutches of the evil Amoniak, and venture forth as a mighty werewolf – the goblin’s adventures just keep getting wackier. Are you ready for some intense puzzle-solving?

32% off!

Gruesome George and his army of undead giant monsters are attacking! Help Smilin Jack O’Hurlihan gather a fleet to send them back where they came from. Zombie Pirates (59% Rating) is a cartoon-style arcade game where you shoot down enemy ships with your cannons. Get help from Esmeralda’s all-gal crew and Dr. Theopolis’ marvelous gyrocopters and submarines. Hoist the sails and ready the cannons! Time to sink some zombies to the bottom of the ocean.

31% off!

It’s time to say Goodbye Deponia (81% Rating) as Rufus finally comes up with a plan to leave Deponia and enter Elysium. However, everything isn’t quite going the way he had wanted it to. Goal is missing, Deponia is in danger, and Rufus has created 2 clones of himself. Nope, definitely not according to plan. This is the epic finale to the well-loved series that set a new bar for point-and-clicks. Can you help Rufus find Goal, reach Elysium and prevent the destruction of Deponia?

Build you very own spacecraft and blast into outer space – just make sure you craft can get your crew there in one piece. Kerbal Space Program (84% Rating) is a space simulation sandbox with heavy emphasis on realistic physics. Featuring the ability to fly to the moon and other planets, procedurally-generated terrain in vast scales, and space stations, massive ships and off-world bases, build a space-worthy ship and advance Kerbalkind into the space age. To infinity and… errr, nevermind.


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