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It’s time to go on an expedition with Hamilton’s Great Adventure (75% Rating). Help Ernest Hamilton, explorer extraordinaire, and his bird, Sasha, through over 60 levels of puzzle platforming. Get help from a friend to get Sasha to clear obstacles for Hamilton. Explore various locations such as the Jungles of the Amazon and the Mountains of the Himalaya. Step aside, Indiana, it’s Hamilton’s time.

81% off!

The Wastelands are spreading and it won’t be long before the world is taken over. Undefeated (81% Rating) is a JRPG from the people who brought you the Millennium series. Follow Marcus, Bastien and Fela as they find themselves intertwined with a mystery that could cause the fall of their nation. With, innovative and strategic battles, gorgeous artwork, 4 difficulty modes, and a customizable RPG experience, this is one proof that JRPG’s are alive and kicking!

64% off!

A year has passed since the Event, a cataclysmic event that wiped out most of the human race. You are one of those who survived. Now you journey to find your long lost wife and daughter. I am Alive (73% Rating) is finally on PC. Explore a dark atmospheric world as you fight to survive. Explore a post-apocalyptic city where not all survivors are friendly and will use group tactics to hunt you down. You’ll have to use your head to bring down groups of enemies as ammo is scarce and you’ll need to save it if you wish to survive.

56% off!

Immerse yourself in a world where Mother Nature is your only friend and enemy. The Long Dark (85% Rating) is an exploration-survival sandbox. Here, there are no zombies or monsters, only you and the elements. Featuring dynamic weather, wildlife and day and night cycles, you’ll have to find shelter and hunt for food if you wish to survive. Craft and collect over 100 gear items, from tools to clothing and weapons. Explore different biomes that give you different resources to take advantage of. But be careful, as Mother Nature is unforgiving. Die once and you remain dead. How long can you survive?

55% off!

Explore a lost world filled with vast abandoned monuments. Kairo (76% Rating) is a first-person exploration and puzzle-solving game. Discover a world realized in full 3D as you discover this unique world and its story without any text. Enjoy puzzles embedded in abstract architecture and discover the true purpose of this world. You don’t know this yet, but it is your destiny. Support for Oculus Rift DK1 for PC and Mac is included.


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