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62% off!

The world has fallen to chaos. The undead stalk the streets and the living kill one another for survival. Dead State (65% Rating) pits you into the heart of Texas where you must organize and lead a group of survivors. Fortify your shelter, scavenge for food and supplies, negotiate or defend against other factions, and fight for survival as you try to maintain order within your own ranks. With all-new features and enhancements added, it’s a turned-based RPG experience that pays tribute to the likes of Fallout, XCom and Suikoden.


56% off!

Take a break from all the fast-paced games you’ve been playing lately and pick up a game that lets you slow down. Astroslugs (74% Rating) is a colorful and soothing puzzle game that you can easily pick up. Solve puzzles by filling all available spaces with different shapes. The mechanics are simple, and yet there are multiple ways to solve each puzzle. Help the Astroslugs find a good energy source so they can set off on their quest to conquer the universe. Not really a good source of motivation, I know.


49% off!

It’s time to push your enemies’ marbles off the edge… literally! Abalone (93% Rating) is a digital adaptation of the best-selling classic board game. Featuring local and online multiplayer, simple rules that require strategy and planning, and multiple challenges lined up, put your thinking caps on see if you have what it takes to win in this simple yet challenging test of wits.


The martians have come to our planet to steal the one thing we never expected them to – our cows! Now it’s up to you to protect the cows on your farm lest they are captured by the invaders and brought to their planet for who-knows-what. Beware Planet Earth (70% Rating) combines classic tower defense action with time management mechanics. Enjoy 46 levels over 4 seasons and set up your defense with over 20 wacky machines. Plan your strategy wisely as over 20 different types of martians will be coming at you. Can you save your cows from becoming space burgers?


Take a break from all the shooting, hacking and slashing as you trade your guns and swords for woks and meat. Cook, Serve, Delicious (78% Rating) brings you a different kind of excitement as you try to turn your old, rundown diner into a world class restaurant. Prove your culinary skills and join the Iron Cook reality show. Play with or against your friends with the free Battle Kitchen expansion that introduces weekly challenges, brand new multiplayer modes and other game improvements. Get ready! It’s time for an old-fashioned cook-down.


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