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PC Games Deals 14/08

Welcome to Price Drop! Here you’ll find all the best deals on PC games today. Download games and save on our daily deals. You can also join our giveaways for a chance to win good games for free. Hot deals and free games, just the way you like it.

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Serious Sam Double D XXL (74% Rating) plays like Metal Slug on steroids, and that equals tons of fun. Go back to the past to save the future, this time with a new, accidental partner – Dan “Huff” Huffington. Grab a friend and bring down hordes of monster aliens with all of your guns at once, thanks to the new Gunstacker technology. Get a boost anytime, anywhere with the new Jump Pad technology. It’s a nod to the classic side-scrolling shooters of old that you won’t regret playing.


You are Trane, a young, street smart and athletic graffiti artist. You have your eyes set on becoming the “All City King” – the best of the best of graffiti artists. Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (74% Rating) puts you on a quest for graffiti supremacy while uncovering the deep dark secrets of the city’s corrupt leader. Use unique fighting techniques while you tag using multiple skills and styles. Save a neighborhood from the oppressive tyrant and use your graffiti to change the world. But you’ll have to be quick. Get in, get up and get out.


After escaping a volcanic eruption caused by terrorists, journalist Sam Peters finds herself on an assignment to investigate the Asanbosam, mythical creatures from the legends of the Ashanti people in Ghana. Secret Files: Sam Peters (58% Rating) is an adventure game that features logical puzzles and great graphics and voice-acting. Strange things are happening at the mysterious crater lake Bosumtwi. Is this the work of the Asanbosam, or is this just another wild goose chase. Hold on tight, because you’re about to find out.


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Fenton Paddock is a former British soldier turned hapless smuggler. When his friend, Richard, goes missing in Tibet, he gets caught up in a whirlwind of events that spans 3 continents. Lost Horizon (77% Rating) is an adventure game set in the 1930’s with exotic settings, realistic and funny dialogues and a movie-like story written by novelist Claudia Kern. With a unique handmade graphic style and well-crafted puzzles, enjoy a quest for one of the greatest secrets of mankind. The question is – are you ready to find out?


In the midst of a galactic war, you and your forces have been stranded on the planet Genai because of the Tzanar Union’ invasion. Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons (63% Rating) puts you in the boots of a commander of the Black Talons company as you help the Genai forces reclaim their planet. Enjoy real-time strategy mixed with thrilling mech action in 5 worlds with unique environments and weather conditions. Take control of various unit classes with specialized roles and abilities. Customize and upgrade you base to boost your warfare capabilities. Will you be able to take back the planet and your freedom?


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