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Prey Issues Fixed This Week, Bethesda Announces


Bethesda made an announcement that they plan to fix the Prey issues that came out after the game’s launch. An update in order to fix these issues is said to come out this week said Bethesda.

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“The team is working diligently on a fix and the aim is to have an update out this week,” said a representative from Bethesda Softworks.

PC players reported that after playing for 20+ hours some issues started popping up in the game. There are players who reported that the game would crash and when they pre-load the game, it would crash their desktop. Dan Stapleton of IGN reported that the bug he encountered caused his last saves to get corrupted 30 hours into the game.

“Those saves either loaded and attempting to move into a new area or present him an error message saying ‘save game incompatible with current game version’,” according to IGN.


The said issues are still being experienced by some players. If you do experience these problems, Bethesda said to report it to their support group website.


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