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By ADMIN-Juvy on February 16, 2013 with 51 Comments

Kinguin Reviews and Coupon was created in 2013, and now it is an established store amongst the market of CD Key sellers. This store is a reliable seller with more than 4 million loyal customers. Kinguin is available in several countries and they offer every buyer a warranty of 30 days for purchases.

Similar to other e-commerce companies, the head office of Kinguin is found in Hong Kong.

Kinguin has been one of our stores since February 2013 and we have not encountered any problems with their services as of yet.

  • Company Name: Kinguin Limited
  • Support Schedule: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Kinguin and Coupons (Update June 2018)

We have an agreement with Kinguin where in which a coupon code of 3% discount is available and the code is: allkeyshop3

Kinguin and Identity Check

It may be possible that your purchase may seem suspicious and CD key vendors might ask for supporting documents. This can prove to be a waste of your time and not to mention that there is also a feeling of unfairness as well as a violation of your privacy. Each store has a different policy regarding this, and for Kinguin, we recommend the following steps to avoid this:

  • Do not use proxy/VPN when you buy
  • If you use Paypal, use the same email address to create your account on the website.
  • If you use a credit card, please use the same first name and last name on the card when ordering from the website.


Leave a comment after your purchase in the template that we have provided below to enter the contest.
  • Order number : XXXX
  • Date: XX/XX/XX
  • Hour: XXHXX
  • Game Name: XXXXX
  • Price XX.XX USD
  • Means of Payment: XXXX
  • How Much Time Did it Take to Receive the Key: X minutes/hours
  • Did you use support: yes/no
  • How Much Time Did They Take to Respond: X minutes
  • Key Works: yes/no
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says on December 31, 2017, 4:42

Bought COD, got the key within seconds and all worked fine, no issues so far:)

says on January 08, 2018, 13:17

Hello Mike,

We’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying your game.
Thank you for a positive comment.
We hope that you will visit our store again soon!

Best regards,

Kinguin Customer Support

says on June 14, 2017, 14:45

Date : 06/14/2017
Hour : 12H12
Game Name : Jet Set Radio
Price : 5.39 Dollars
Mode of Payment : Paypal
How much time did it take to recieve the CD key : 0 minutes
Did you use support : No
How much time did they take to respond : 0 minutes
Key works : Yes

says on February 02, 2018, 20:04

Dear RickySimon,

We appreciate you leaving us a review, thanks!
Customer experience is our top priority here at Kinguin and so we hope that you found it convenient to shop for games on our store.
Should you ever need help with an order or would like some info about new games, we’re available 24/7.

Best regards,

Pat – Kinguin Customer Service

says on January 03, 2017, 22:15

i go to check out with this saying $16.76 and it tries to charge me $62.78. What are these guys trying to pull?!?!

says on January 08, 2018, 13:25

Hello Daniel,

We’re sorry to hear that you were experiencing problems with your order.
We assure you that we don’t have any intention to overcharge our customers, there is a possibility that we were experiencing a malfunction with our shopping cart system.
In such cases we recommend contacting us immediately on LiveChat.

Best regards,

Kinguin Customer Support

says on December 13, 2016, 16:51

Date : 12/13/16
Hour : 14:49
Game Name : Anno 2070 Deep Ocean DLC
Price : 7.39 Dollars
Mode of Payment : MasterCard
How much time did it take to recieve the CD key : 0 minutes
Did you use support : No
How much time did they take to respond : n/a
Key works : Yes

Quick and cheap. Would definitely recommend

says on February 02, 2018, 19:56

Dear Abibliboop,

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a comment!
We’re happy that you were able to find a game you wanted at a great price.
It’s our sincere hope that buying on our website was a pleasant experience and that you found many more great deals!

Best regards,

Pat – Kinguin Customer Service


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