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The Next Overwatch Character Is Not Doomfist After All


The rumor is not true after all, a Terry Crews-voiced Doomfist Overwatch character is not going to be the next in line. This confirmation came from the Director Jeff Kaplan himself found on the game’s official forum.

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He vaguely says that “24 is not who you think it is”. “24” being referred to as the next character supposed to be released for the game. There are, however “multiple new heroes” and “numerous events and event-related content” being worked on by the team.

The same post does confirm that a 24th character will soon be released, we just don’t know who.

“We’re always asking ourselves ‘what would make the biggest impact for the most people’ when we prioritize. Right now, we feel like introducing a new hero to the lineup would be more impactful to the game,” Kaplan said in his post.

We have no idea who this next character is. We have to wait for further announcements about this from the Overwatch team.


Overwatch New Season Will Start By The End Of The Month

The Overwatch new season launches by the end of the month and the 3rd season will end a week prior to that.

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