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Watch 30 Minutes Of Elder Scrolls Morrowind Gameplay


All thanks to Polygon, we can watch 30 minutes of Elder Scrolls Morrowind gameplay!

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In the 30 minute gameplay, you are taken from Vivec to Balmora.

The video footage is taken from a pre-release version of The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind. You will experience a tour of a recreated version of Vvardenfell. This location as you may remember is from Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind.

This Morrowind expansion comes with the new facial animation system available during the 2014 version of the game. Lighting and architecture are also improved. A huge difference is seen from the original game.

Set 700 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind, this expansion features a new character class called the Warden, new PvP content, 30+ hours gameplay as well as the Vvardenfell map. The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind releases on June 6, 2017, available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Get to watch The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind 30 minutes gameplay below:


Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Expansion Gets New Class And PvP Modes

Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Expansion is getting new PvP modes as well as a new class called Warden.

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