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Watch: Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series Vehicles Video

Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series Vehicles Cover


Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series features the vehicles of the game like tanks, planes, and bombers.

Battlefield 1 has been releasing videos of their gameplay series. The second video is all about the vehicles. It is a two-minute video that is amazing to watch.

“Vehicles in Battlefield has always played a big part of the all-out warfare and pushing the sandbox experience to the limits.” – Multiplayer Producer, Andreas Morell

Also, something new about the game is the tank and pilot class. With this, it basically means that the character class that you should choose should be compatible with the type of vehicle chosen.

Battlefield 1
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Battlefield 1 PS4
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Battlefield 1 Xbox One
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Battlefield 1-1

Battlefield 1-2

“The vehicle experience in Battlefield 1 offers great variety, big improvement in physics part destruction that offers tactical improvements for the players and it all combines to the sandbox experience that you can only get in Battlefield 1″, stated Morell.

Official launch date for Battlefield 1 is October 21, 2016. The game is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The vehicle gameplay series looks amazing! Do you think so too? Share your thoughts with us in your comments.



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