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Watch Steel Division Normandy 44 Behind The Scenes: A Look at the Past

Steel Division Normandy 44 Behind The Scenes Cover


A new Division Normandy 44 behind the scenes footage was released by Eugen Systems and Paradox Interactive. The video shows how the elements of the game came about as narrated by Alexis Le Dressay, the Creative Director, and his team.

Steel Division Normandy 44
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A thing about the game that Eugen and Paradox are really proud of is that it is historically accurate. A notable thing to mention is that the game’s maps were based on the 1944 photos taken by the Royal Air Force and the US Air Force. Using those, they conceptualized their levels making sure that it is very close to the original. Another thing that was made sure off is that the players should experience how the units and the divisions are during that era. As well as the equipment used. Others may have more prestigious equipment than others.

Watch all these in the Steel Division Normandy 44 behind the scenes below:

Steel Division Normandy 44 releases on May 23, 2017. The game is available for pre-orders and if you pre-order the game it will come with the  multiplayer beta access.


Steel Division Normandy 44 Pre Order Beta Is Updated

New maps and new divisions are available in the second update of the currently running Steel Division Normandy 44 Pre order beta.

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