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What You Need To Know About The Overwatch Loot Boxes



Check out what the Overwatch loot boxes offer!

Overwatch players are raving about the loot boxes. These loot boxes will let you customize your hero cosmetically which will be possible through emotes, sprays, skins, animations and many more. These boxes are free, whenever you level up. You also have the option to purchase these. The items in the loot boxes are different depending on the boxes rarity.

The Overwatch loot boxes will have a level of rarity and this will indicate the items that you receive. And it is classified according to color:

White – Common
Blue Rare
Orange Legendary

Four items are inside each loot box. There are a hundred different combinations of items available everytime you level up. Also, just in case you receive a duplicate item, you will receive in-game credits instead that you can use to unlock other cool stuff in the Hero Gallery. We’ve listed below the items that can be found in a loot box as well as descriptions.

  • Player Icons – These are icons that will show who your favorite character is, Blizzard game, character ability and more.
Overwatch Loot Box Player Icons (Source:

Overwatch Loot Box Player Icons (Source:

  • Skins – Skins are used to change the look of your character, may it be the color of clothes to totally different looks for your hero to sport.
  • Emotes – Emotes are cheers or taunts for a teammate or an opponent in game.
  • Sprays – These are used to place your mark on the battlefield, like graffiti on a wall or ground.
Overwatch Loot Box Sprays (Source:

Overwatch Loot Box Sprays (Source:

  • Voice Lines – These are used to place your mark on the battlefield, like graffiti on a wall or ground.
  • Victory Poses – A new pose for your hero when you win.
  • Highlight Intros – Special animated introductions for your heroes.

How Much To Purchase Overwatch Loot Boxes

As mentioned earlier, you can buy loot boxes with real money. Here’s a list of how much and how many boxes you are able to purchase.

  • 2 Boxes = $ 1.99 USD
  • 5 Boxes = $ 4.99 USD
  • 11 Boxes = $ 9.99 USD
  • 24 Boxes = $ 19.99 USD
  • 50 Boxes = $ 39.99 USD

Keep in mind that these boxes that you can buy with real money can be easily earned just by playing the game.

Watch the video below to get what we are talking about in the unboxing of the 100 Overwatch loot boxes.




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