10 Best Sites For Steam Alternatives To Get Great PC Game Deals

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Top 10 Steam Alternatives to Buy Cheap PC Games

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What is Steam ?

As you know, Steam is the biggest game distributor for digital games, however, that won’t mean that they always have the best deals for their games. The only time that they would have the best deals are when they are on sale but on any other day, they have the games at full price.

Where to find games cheaper than Steam ?

Here at Cheapdigitaldownload.com, we provide the best deals for you all thanks to our partner stores. We were able to team up with the best platforms, providers, and marketplaces in order to provide bargain prices for all the titles that you need. You will see them in our price comparison service and we can guarantee that you are getting the best deal every single time. We have for you the 10 best sites for Steam Alternatives to get the cheapest prices for PC games:

what is 10 Best Alternatives to Steam for Cheap PC Games ?


1. GOG

  Gog Com  

“Good Old Games” is what GOG stands for. Previously, this store started out by selling digital copies of older games that are hard to come by. However, currently, they also offer current AAA games as well as indie titles that we could also see on Steam. And what’s great about this site is that all their games are DRM-free. And just like Steam, they also have a downloadable client to help you keep your games organized.

2. Origin


Origin is by Electronic Arts having to maximize their profit, they also have their own distribution platform. Only a handful of non-EA games can be seen in their catalog. Also, Origin is popular for its subscription service where those who are subscribed would have the chance to play full games as well as sample newer games before it launches.

3. Uplay


What Origin is for EA, Uplay is to Ubisoft. But, not only does Uplay contain all their PC offerings, it also sells physical goodies such as officially licensed apparel and collectibles. They also offer reward system called the Ubisoft Club, which allows you to earn an exclusive currency that can be used to get either a 20% discount on your next purchase or free exclusive DLC for your games.

4. Battle.net

  Call of Duty Black Ops  

This is one platform that had been with us for such a long time now, in fact, this was first launched even before Steam. They started as a multiplayer component for Blizzard and became their own distribution platform as well as game launcher. This is a handy tool to get your Blizzard games neat and organized as well as help you get some free stuff.

5. Green Man Gaming

  Greenman Gaming  

This site is more of a game key seller and they include titles from more than 600 publishers in their catalog. They include a lot of titles from Steam, GOG, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net and so many more. It is also easy to become a VIP, you just have to create a free account and you can earn EXP for discounts.

6. Gamers Gate


This site also specializes in selling game keys. They have over 6,000 games in their catalog. They also have around 1,500 games on Mac. They are DRM-free and do not require a client to download games from them. They have a Rewards Program which allows you to earn Blue Coins by doing some special tasks like writing reviews. The Blue Coins can be used to purchase stuff on their site.

7. G2A


This is one of the biggest digital goods marketplaces since they also offer a place for users to sell their own game keys. To maintain their service quality, they have a premium guarantee service which is an add-on for each purchase or for power users, a subscription. Here, you will get cash back for every purchase in the form of G2A Coins. You can use this to purchase other titles from their site.

8. Kinguin


Just like G2A, they also offer a platform where users can sell their own keys. A premium guarantee service is also available called the Kinguin Buyer Protection. They do not only sell games. They also have some in-game items like weapon and character skins for the different games available on their site. Some packages that offer a random amount of Steam games are available.

9. Instant Gaming

  Instant Gaming  

They purely sell game keys. They also have digital versions for console games as well as the usual PC games. They have a guarantee where in which you preorder a game and the price drops at launch date, a refund will be given. They have a 24/7 support desk as well as a wide range of filters for you to easily find what you are looking for.

10. HRK Game

  HRK Game  

They are quite different from the others in two ways. The first one is that they offer a random free game when you purchase some specific titles. The second one is that they allow you to create region-free Steam bundles that can be purchased at a very low price. You can also trade games with other users here. When you purchase games, you get to earn gems, convert these in your account wallet and you can use it to purchase anything on their site.

We have got a lot of other partners stores available but what we have here are the 10 best ones. All these sites have already been integrated with our site’s comparison service, so you are sure to get the best deals through us all the time.

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