20 Worst Dragon Ball Games


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20. Dragon Ball Z Budokai


“…as a fighter the game falls short of the top titles in the genre and will more than likely be too simplistic for fighter fans.”

Gamer’s Temple

“In recreating the action of the cartoon show, the developers have gone the easy route, implementing automatic special attacks rather than an effective combination system.”

PSM Magazine

19. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi


“The battles in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi look intense and exciting, but dull mechanics prevent the gameplay from channeling any of that excitement.”


“In the end, the gameplay is what completely ruins everything.”

Eurogamer Portugal

18. Dragon Ball Raging Blast


“…the foundation of the game – the battle system – isn’t very fun, and that sinks the whole experience.”

Cheat Code Central

“Unfortunately, the broken gameplay immediately removes any gold starz DBZ would have eared for online functionality.”

Game Revolution

17. Dragon Ball Z Sagas


“Let the developers fix their mistakes before you throw any money in their direction. Don’t even rent this one.”

Cheat Code Central

“Certainly, there are better Dragon Ball games out there (see “DBZ: Budokai 3″).”

PSX Extreme

16. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z


“Dragon Ball Z deserves more than this.”

Games Master UK

“The combat system is far too simplistic and the mechanics show a lot of problems that make this game mediocre.”


15. Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu


“There are better fighting games out there for GBA, even for hardcore fans of Dragon Ball Z.”

Pocket Games

“Virtually every aspect of this sorry excuse for a fighting game fails painfully.”

Play Magazine

14. Dragon Ball Z For Kinect


“This Kinect offering works well enough, but Teen rating aside, it’s best suited for younger fans looking to live out their anime daydreams.”

Official Xbox Magazine

“The graphics look good, and the anime structure is loyal, but the gameplay just fails to keep up on any end.”

Planet Xbox 360

13. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22


“I have seen NES games that look better than this game.”


“The graphics are a mess, the special moves are unresponsive, the animation is less fluid than a flip book, and the combat lacks strategic incentive.”

Electronic Gaming Monthly

12. Dragon Ball GT Final Bout

11. Dragon Ball Revenge of King Piccolo


“It’s a shame that Revenge of King Piccolo becomes essentially a mediocre fighting game in the latter part of the adventure.”

Nintendo Power

“There isn’t anything overly new or innovative in Revenge of Piccolo. It’s just a very straightforward brawler that will appeal to younger fans of the Dragonball franchise.”

Armchair Empire

10. Dragon Ball Z 3 Ressen Jinzōningen


9. Dragon Ball GT Transformation


“A good player can wrap this game up in just under three hours, which definitely makes it a tough sell to all but the hardcore fans.”


“A sorely-lacking entry into the GBA library and a shameful step in the wrong direction for the Dragonball series of video games.”

Inside Gamer Online

8. Dragon Ball Shenron no Nazo


7. Dragon Ball Z Super Butōden


6. Dragon Ball Z Super Butōden 3

5. Dragon Ball Z The Call of Destiny

4. Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game

“Without the ability to play with more than two people, you’ll eventually have to resort back to playing the actual card game to get the full DBZCCG experience.”


“While it’s authentic, with a running list of cards that resemble their real-life counterparts, the lack of any progress to download new cards or get new things is the most disappointing part of this game.”

Game Over Online

3. Dragon Ball Z Side Story Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

2. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi

“Tenkaichi is a genuine attempt at capturing the Dragon Ball essence, but in the end the complex, clunky gameplay and lack of previously offered features prevents the unlocking of any true potential.”

Gamer 2.0

“Features a staggering amount of features despite the shortcomings of the gameplay.”

Gaming Target

1. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

“While the fighting is passable, it’s too shallow and strategically repetitive to hold any serious fighting freak’s attention for more than a few minutes.”


“A step backwards from the previous title. There were fewer voice-overs, a worse story (if that was ever possible), and a more limited fighting system.”


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