2018 Top 10 Indie Games For PC

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Top 10 Indie Games of 2018 for PC

Indie games are slowly but surely getting noticed over the years and we have for you the 2018 top 10 indie games for pc if you would want to jump into the indie gaming bandwagon.


1. Into the Breach


Save the world by commanding mechs in this turn-based tactical combat placed in an 8×8 grid. Developer Subset Games will have you fighting off huge alien beasts. This won’t be easy though, but it sure is rewarding. It, in fact, is a GOTY, so you will surely enjoy!

2. Dead Cells


This game by Motion Twin puts together three game mechanics successfully: rogue-lite, metroidvania and souls-like combat. If you think that it would be a hot mess, it actually works. You will die repeatedly while learning from what you did wrong in the first, second, or even the third try. But unlocking the levels and killing those baddies is somewhat addicting.

3. Return of the Obra Dinn


Get to play as an insurance investigator trying to solve the mystery of a lost ship that mysteriously shows itself at the port. You will be needing your magical watch in order to turn back time to solve this puzzle. Get to enjoy amazing 3D puzzles with its bold atmospheric art style.

4. Celeste


Help a girl go through hundreds of different rooms while enjoying the emotional tale that is filled with optimism. Whenever you die in the game, you will get to start out in the room that you died in as well as get an optimistic note to try again.



This is a first-person shooter by David Szymanski that will surely remind you of the 90’s game Doom. What’s great about it is that even though it looks that way, it doesn’t play that way. Dusk has all the technology that makes it play like a good 2018 game.

6. Subnautica


Get to explore the deep waters of an alien world where you are forced to survive with crafting your equipment and upgrading your base. The deeper you go, the harder it is but the more rewarding it will be as well since it is in the depths of the ocean that you can find the best resources.

7. Iconoclasts


This is pretty impressive as it is developed by just one person. The game combines metroidvania mechanics, amazing soundtrack as well as some really challenging bosses. The game focuses on puzzle solving as well as a compelling storytelling.

8. Unavowed


Unavowed offers an interesting plot line where you get passed by a demon, leave a trail of destruction and then is now free from the demon. But even though you are free, you are now left with nothing, no home, no family, and is on the run from the cops. Your only way to happiness could be through an ancient society that stops evil. Get to enjoy the game’s mind-bending puzzles that are very interesting and never frustrating.

9. Guacamelee 2


Offering a vibrant and colorful sequel, welcome back Juan the luchadora and go exploring both the realms of the living and the dead. Its fantastic humor is still present with even more sassier enemies. If you enjoyed the first game, you will definitely enjoy this sequel.

10. Frostpunk


This is a narrative generator that wouldn’t let you stop playing that easily. The game could be a bit depressing as it will force you to choose between lesser evils. It is a city builder as well as a survival game. Your morals will be tested but are your goals the most important thing?

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