2018’s Top 10 Best Golf Games

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We have got for you the 2018’s Top 10 Best Golf Games. Our list comes with games that didn’t necessarily launch in 2018 but are actually still popular in the year. We have got golf games for every platform, surely you would find the best one for you here. There are both single and multiplayer games available too!

Go ahead and check out our list for the 2018’s Top 10 Best Golf Games below:

2018’s Top 10 Best Golf Games

1. Golf With Your Friends

This is a multiplayer golf game that allows you to play with up to 12 friends. Get to enjoy playing in the game’s 7 levels with 18 holes each with the easy to learn controls. This also has a Level Editor where you can create and play in your very own golf course.

2. The Golf Club 2019

Developed by HB Studios and published by 2K Games, The Golf Club 2019 is a golf simulator that pays attention to the smallest details of the game. There will be six world courses that include TPC Scottsdale and TPC Sawgrass plus other fictional courses that are equally beautiful and challenging. You are also able to create your dream course with the game’s Course Designer. Or get to play in the courses that other players were able to make. An online multiplayer is also available for you.

3. The Golf Club

Brought to us by HB Studios, this is a realistic simulation golf video game that allows you to create your very own course. Get to play solo or in the multiplayer mode. This mode was actually released in 2014 but is still one of the greatest golf games there is.

4. Worms Crazy Golf

If you don’t feel like playing a serious game of golf then Worms Crazy Golf is for you. Developed by Team17 this fun action golf challenge will let you purchase costumes, balls, and golf clubs. Earn coins while you try to sink a hole in one. Also, lambs do explode when you hit them with a ball..hilarious!

5. Party Golf

Originally released in 2016, this is a multiplayer golf game that lets players go against others to be the first one to sink a hole. There are many customizations available as well. The game was originally available for PC and PlayStation 4 but also launched for the Nintendo Switch a year later, having up to 8 players with the use of the JoyCons.

6. Vertiginous Golf

This one is a different take on golf where you play in a dystopian steampunk universe. Choose between the two worlds, one which is dark and rainy and the other a little more pleasant but is cloudy, playing mini-golf on a floating obstacle course. Get to rewind bad shots and replay the good ones. Also, create your own course and share it with others online.

7. The Golf Club 2

Offering a dynamic golf video game that gives players infinite hours of golfing in the singleplayer Career Mode. Practice your stroke with the Tempo Swing, Create or join online societies, challenge clubhouses and create your own courses. There will be crowds gathered who will be cheering you on.

8. Everyday Golf VR

This is one golf simulator that golf lovers will surely appreciate. Offering 63 holes, different rewards to unlock, realistic physics plus amazing replay-view. Be a golfer plus a traveller and enjoy the beautiful scenic golf courses. Practice your swing and make it better by analyzing it.

9. Mario Golf World Tour

Developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo, the game offers online multiplayer tournaments. Control characters from the Mario franchise and enjoy the arcade-like approach to the game.

10. Infinite Minigolf

Create your very own courses with this golf game that is developed and published by Zen Studios. Personalize your avatar, join tournaments and take in the amazing graphics, on point physics as well as stunning environments.

And there you have it, the 2018’s Top 10 Best Golf Games. The best golf games deserve best deals which you can get through us here at Cheapdigitaldownload.com.

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