2018’s Top 10 PC Strategy Games

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Top 10 Strategy Games of 2018 for PC


Nothing beats a good strategy game, we’ve listed for you 2018’s Top 10 PC Strategy games as a lot did come out for the year. Nothing feels at home than the mouse and keyboard combo strategizing on building things and navigating the complex menus. We have weeded out the best of the best strategy games for you as a lot of releases were made last year.

10 Best PC Strategy Games of 2018

1. RimWorld


Start with three survivors and build your very own off-world colony. RimWorld is not just a management sim, but a story generator as well. You will have control over your colonists but do expect them to be imperfect. These little imperfections could mean devastation to your colony. This certain unpredictability in the game makes it very interesting.

2. Into the Breach


Sunset Games offer fun mechanics, well-designed maps as well as an experience that would want you coming back for more. The plot centers around gigantic alien creatures that are threatening the human civilization. You will get to command powerful mechs to thwart the invasion. Get to enjoy the game’s beautiful pixel graphics that will remind you of the GBA strategy games.

3. Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales


Master storytellers CD Projekt Red has outdone themselves with this one. This is a card game that has a well-developed lore which is, in fact, a Witcher RPG. It comes with game-changing consequences, strategic card game combat, and of course Geralt of Rivia.

4. Frostpunk


From the makers of This War of Mine comes another heart-wrenching management sim. 11-Bit Studios brings to you Frostpunk, a game that forces you to make decisions that could possibly go against your own morals. Sacrifices should be made for the betterment of the many as well as your little city.

5. Valkyria Chronicles 4


A popular series in Japan, this real-time third-person shooter and turn-based strategy hybrid has come to the west with Valkyria Chronicles 4. This is a perfect entry point for new players who are not familiar with the game’s story as it highlights a different group of soldiers with its CANVAS Graphic Engine, players would get to experience gameplay like an interactive painting.

6. The Banner Saga 3


The conclusion to Stoic’s Saga, The Banner Saga 3 offers 40 heroes that is a combination of newcomers as well as some old fan favorites. This may be a short game for some but is a great wrap up for an epic series.

7. Beholder 2


Join the ministry and work your way up, your ultimate goal is to be the Prime Minister. Decisions should be made, responsibilities are to be taken care of, some misdeeds to be kept secret and so much more. You will decide on how you will get to the top.

8. Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden


Yes, the game that kind of looks like XCOM made the list. Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden has real-time exploration with stealth elements. It also comes with a great loot system, dynamic environments as well as an engaging mutation system. This is one strategy game that doesn’t lose its fun factor that quick.

9. Battletech


From the creator, Jordan Weisman and the developers of the Shadowrun Returns series comes the latest mech commander game Battletech. Get to recruit and develop over 30 mechs in the mechLab. Go online and battle it out with others or perhaps go and play its campaign mode which is also awesome. This is the closest that we’ve seen to a tabletop game.

10. Ancestors Legacy


Offering a real-time strategy that is in a historical setting having four nations which are the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans, and the Slavs. Choose one of these nations and enjoy an extensive campaign that is inspired by historical events. The gameplay includes a great tactical system having some different factors like terrain, experience system as well as a deep moral. There will be a lot of opinions and considerations thrown in the battlefield for sure.

And there you have it for our 2018’s top 10 strategy games. Wanting the best deals for these games? You can get that with our trusted stores as well as our comparison service only here at Cheapdigitaldownload.com

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