5 Things You Need To Know Before Redeeming a Game

December 13, 2014 at 8:00 AM in Digital Download News, Rewards Program with 17 comments
5 Things You Need To Know Before Redeeming a Game

So you’ve finally earned enough points to get the game you’re eyeing on from our Rewards Catalog. Now you’re ready to redeem the game! Unfortunately, you just jumped on the bandwagon and do not know the five important things you need to know before redeeming a game from our Catalog.

Read on and find out more!

1. The CD key you ordered from our Rewards Catalog is NOT sent immediately after redeeming it.

We’ve encountered numerous questions about this, and we think it’s about time we settle this question once and for all. As mentioned, the CD key won’t be sent to you right after you hit that PLACE ORDER button. You will first receive a confirmation email from our Rewards Team about your redemption (more on this later). If the confirmation email is sent to you, it only means that your CD key has already been forwarded to our supplier and we’re waiting for them to deliver it to us. As soon as the supplier sends us your CD key, we send it to you.

2. The Confirmation Email

As mentioned, you will receive a confirmation email about the game you redeemed using your points. The email will contain information about your redemption such as the title of the game, quantity, and your confirmation/order number.

The confirmation email is usually sent within 24 hours. However, when there are a huge number of people who redeem games, the confirmation email may take up to 2-3 business days to be sent to you.

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Sample Confirmation Email

3. The CD key you will receive is a region-free CD key.

Yes, we only send out region-free CD keys. That way, anyone from any part of the world can redeem the said game. However, there are some games or items in our Catalog that can only be redeemed by users living in a specific location – such as our Amazon Gift Cards which are only available for those living in Europe.

4. The platform where you can activate the game from is indicated in the game’s page in our Catalog.

It is necessary that you read every description carefully before redeeming a game. There are some games in our Catalog that can be activated in multiple platforms. We’ve indicated on each game’s page the gaming platform where you can activate the CD key on, thus requests to have it changed to a different platform (such as Origin to Steam and vice-versa) cannot be accommodated.

5. The CD key is sent to the email address YOU indicated on the Checkout page.

Billing Details

Make sure to check the email address!

Now, we do our part by delivering your CD keys to you. However, we also suggest that you also do yours by making sure that the email address that is indicated on the Email Address box on the Checkout page is a valid one and is working. By default, the email address indicated on the Checkout page is the one connected with your profile. Our Rewards Team will only be sending the CD key to the email address indicated on their screens. We suggest double-checking your profile information and also the email address on the Checkout page before proceeding with your order to avoid any delays. 🙂