A Beginners Guide To Playing Pokémon Go

July 17, 2016 at 11:31 PM in Gaming News with no comments
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Join the Pokémon Go Fever!

Everyone, well, almost everyone has gotten the Pokémon Go fever. Nowadays you can see a lot of people searching, catching and collecting Pokémons. If you haven’t got a clue on what we are talking about, well then let us fill you in about Pokémon Go, so you can join the fun!

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is the newest game that has instantly become a phenomenon! For now, it is a free download which is available for Android and iOS. What it does is that it will literally let you travel to catch Pokémons in the real world. Your phone’s GPS and clock is being used in the game to be able to detect your location. It will then generate the map of the area into the virtual world. Here, you will be able to catch Pokémons. You can actually switch to your phone’s camera so what you will be seeing is the real world plus the Pokémons.

How to play the game?

The game is easy to play and understand. Once you get the hang of it, you will definitely enjoy.


Choose your character Pokémon Go
  Start the game by customizing your character as well as giving him/her a name.


When you see a Pokémon and would want to catch it. You would just have to encounter it. Then when you already have your PokéBall just touch and hold it on your screen then with a sliding motion throw it towards the Pokémon you would want to capture. It does take a couple of tries when you are starting out.

Catch Pokemon Pokémon Go

Stardust and Candies

Stardust and Candies Pokémon Go

You can get Stardust by catching Pokémons, this is a resource in the game. Candies on the other hand can be acquired by transferring your extra Pokémons to Professor Willow. He will then give you candies in return for that specific kind of Pokémon. Both are needed for your Pokémon to evolve.


These are Pokémons that has not hatched yet. For these to hatch, you have to place them in an incubator and finish the required steps needed (the usual amount is from 2, 5, 10 kms). Usually, the further the distance, the chances of the Pokémon bring rare is high.

Eggs Pokémon Go


Pokemon Poke Stops Pokémon Go

PokéStops are sometimes actual landmarks, these are points of interest in the game because these stops will give you great items like PokéBalls and Eggs.

Gym Battles

gym battles Pokémon Go

You will get to encounter Pokémon Gyms as you travel looking for Pokémons. You must reach at least level 5 to be able to access these ( by the way, you can level up through experience points that you get by playing). The Pokémon Gyms will allow you to battle with other Pokémons. When you enter a gym, you will have to choose from the 3 factions available which are: Team Valor (red), Team Mystic (blue), and Team Instinct (yellow). If the gym is already owned by a different team, you can fight for it so that it will lessen its prestige rating. If it reaches zero, the gym will become neutral again and you will be able to acquire it for your team. You can then deposit a Pokémon to guard it.

That is it with our quick and easy guide to playing Pokémon Go! We hope you have found it informative. You can now go ahead and “catch ‘em all”.