A Plague Tale Innocence Critics Review Round Up Plus Launch Trailer

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A Plague Tale Innocence

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Asobo Studio’s A Plague Tale Innocence is now available. The game is set in the middle ages and the story revolves around two estranged siblings. You will get to enjoy puzzle-based adventures that are story driven. If you are not quite sure yet whether you would want to take a leap and purchase the game, we have gathered for you what the critics think about the game.

Since the release is today, we also have for you the game’s launch trailer below:


IGN — 7/10

“A Plague Tale: Innocence’s story of two orphans surviving in a world ravaged by the Black Death is compelling and the stealth gameplay that runs through it is fine-tuned, but the rat-infested world looks more dangerous than it actually is.”

– Steven Petite


“One of my favourite moments is when Amicia spots another wildflower in a lone trek across the city, nestled among the decay of the rats’ revolting nests. Without her brother around, she picks it up, and places it gingerly in her own hair–a personal reminder to keep trudging on amidst the hardships, and a testament to her growing strength and tenacity. Despite flashes of predictability, moments like these will bring a lump to your throat, as it did mine.”

– Khee Hoon Chan


“One of the most engaging and original story-based games this year. It’s dragged down by some trite videogame elements but its characters elevate it above its contemporaries.”

– Chris J Capel


“While there are some minor flaws with A Plague Tale: Innocence, the game as a whole is still absolutely fantastic, offering players a gripping narrative, a compelling mix of stealth and puzzle gameplay, and gorgeous audio/visuals. This is, without a doubt, one of the best games of 2019 so far, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

– Brendan Lowry

WCCFTECH — 8.8/10

“A Plague Tale: Innocence is definitely among the gaming surprises of 2019, exceeding expectations in the best possible ways.”

– Francesco De Meo


“The game is a highly polished experience with an original and stunningly-realised setting, satisfying (if limited) gameplay mechanics, a great soundtrack, and a bonkers story that will drag you through some truly stomach-churning situations.”

– Jon Richter

And as you’ve seen, the critics absolutely loved their experience in the game. Also, as listed on Steam, the game actually has a “very positive” rating. All of these are actually pointing into the direction of a game that you should not miss.


A Plague Tale Innocence New Trailer Features The Game’s “Monsters”

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