A Sequel Is A Possibility With The Watch Dogs 2 Patch Notes

February 16, 2017 at 1:48 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Watch Dogs 2


Watch Dogs 2 Patch Notes for the new Update 1.1 is huge. Its size is said to “prepare the San Francisco Bay Area for the arrival of the Human Conditions DLC.”

The patch notes for the Update 1.1 inclusions game improvements gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, as well as free updates. Added to the game are new world locations for the preparation of the game’s upcoming DLC. Also part of the new content and features are new dance moves, new emotes, as well as new clothing for Marcus. Also, in order to celebrate the upcoming Ubisoft games For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the update also includes two new outfits in order to celebrate.

Patch tweaks and balancing are also available for the game’s leaderboard and multiplayer. Changes in the leaderboard include the popping up of the season ranking when the app is opened for the first time upon a season end. Notifications are now available via your phone when a season ends. There are a whole lot more tweaks and bug fixes available which you can check out here.

Also, some changes in the game’s narrative say that “without spoiling all of the fun in the patch notes, we’ll just say that if you’ve finished the story you should replay the last mission to watch a little extra something at the end.” This is the part that kind of hints about a sequel.

The update is huge at 10 GB for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and a bit more for PC at 14 GB because of additional PC-specific updates. Watch Dogs 2 was made available in the market last November 29, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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