A Total War Saga Troy Revealed

September 21, 2019 at 9:53 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
A Total War Saga Troy  

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The Total War spin-off series has been announced by Sega and Creative Assembly and this time around it will be set in the time of legendary warriors and mythical beasts. The new game is A Total War Saga Troy and with that announcement, Sega shared a trailer featuring the grand clips found in Homer’s The Illiad.

Get to watch the full announcement trailer below:


The games under Sega usually focuses on more specific periods that are shorter. Troy will focus on the 20-year Trojan War having the Illiad as its reference. Archeological findings are used by Creative Assembly Sofia to give players a story that blends into what really happened as well as adding in a twist for fans to enjoy.

In addition to Troy’s Siege, the surrounding Aegean civilizations will also be included. Although smaller, this will amount up to a total map size as big as Rome 2.

Watch the video below to find out how big the map is:


Of course, since it is set in Troy, we will also get to see the gods and beasts of the Greek Mythology. Although you want to be able to use them on the battlefields, you are however able to build temples for them and offer them stuff to get rewards.

But, the mythical beings will actually appear in the game as a humanized version of themselves. An example of this is the recruitable minotaur hero which is huge and buff wielding an ax and wearing a bull’s skull on his head. For the centaurs, they will be men riding horses.

Total War Saga Troy will be launching sometime in 2020.