A Way Out Lifetime Sales Surpassed In Two Weeks of Launch

April 16, 2018 at 8:20 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Way Out Lifetime Sales Banner


EA projected that A Way Out lifetime sales would be just around 900,000. However, to their surprise, this co-op adventure game from Hazelight Studios has already posted the 1 million mark just two weeks after it has launched.

The announcement was made through Hazelight Studios twitter saying that they were speechless about the support that they were given. The game’s director Josef Fares also said that the milestone would mean that there were 2 million people who were able to play the game. Check out their tweets below:

It is not really clear however if the announcement for the 2 million players is real or just an assumption based on the number of sales. If you did not know, A Way Out is a 2 player game only which means it is a 2 person game with just 1 copy of the game even when playing online. It could be possible that more copies had been sold than necessary but we can’t say exactly.

A Way Out launched March 23 and received just average reviews. Most of the critics said that they found the co-op gameplay worthwhile but the mechanics mixed with the QTE’s does not really appeal to them.

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