Adobe Substance Painter and Designer 2021

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Adobe Substance Painter allows its users to paint and texture 3D models in real-time. The Substance Designer on the other hand will provide the tools so that users are able to create custom materials.

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Substance Painter Designer


Adobe Substance Painter 2021

Adobe Substance Painter 2021

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Substance Painter 2021 is a texture app that brings creations to life that can be used by professionals and enthusiasts.

The software is easy to understand and can be used by people on all skill levels. Smart materials are being used which makes it easy for textures to wrap onto objects automatically. This can also paint detailed assets.

Substance Painter can be used with different platforms like Unity, Amazon, Unreal, Rederman and VRay.



Paint in 3D with Substance Painter


Adobe Substance Designer 2021

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Adobe Substance Designer is the industry-leading Material Creation and Scan Processing Tool. This is used by more than 95% of AAA games.

This offers an infinite number of varieties wherein which you can take control and create the materials that you need.

The software allows you to create scan-based, procedural, or hybrid Substance and MDL materials compatible with other game engines.


The Ultimate 3D Material Authoring Tool



One of the biggest games to launch in 2020 is Cyberpunk 2077. According to an interview with the magazine Substance, the texturing pipeline of the game used Substance Painter. This was revealed by Technical Art Director, Krzysztof Krzyścin.

The game’s materials were created with the multi-layer shader system in the REDengine and used the Substance Paint and Designer via plugins.


Get to know the full article at A World full of Substance Article

What’s great about the Substance Painter and Substance Designer is that the resources could be easily edited by other individuals and transferred to REDengine without any trouble.

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