After Being In Early Access For 5 Years, DayZ Launches Tomorrow

December 13, 2018 at 1:57 AM in Gaming News with no comments
DayZ Launches

DayZ launches tomorrow, finally. The game had been in Early Access for so long that jokes had been made about it. But all of that will change with the popular survival game finally stepping into the full game and out of early access.

Developers, Bohemia Interactive started the game’s development in 2012 and the game was in early access for 5 years. But if you think about it, DayZ actually started as an ARMA mod, so the timeline could be stretched a little bit more. DayZ launch was announced by Bohemia via their game’s official site, this is a month after the game was able to hit the beta stage. To celebrate all these, a new teaser has been released and you can watch that below:


The 1.0 release will feel like a “fresh start” all thanks to the “undying engine changes introduced with the BETA”. The game includes base building, early modding support, a vehicle, and item stashes. Bohemia is also encouraging everybody to share the news with their friends about the game’s launch.

DayZ is available on PC via Steam on December 13. The console release of 1.0 is expected by early 2019.

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