Alan Wake 2: The Story So Far Explained – Beware the Dark Presence

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  Alan Wake 2: The Story So Far Explained - Beware the Dark Presence  

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Key Facts

  • Alan Wake 2 by Remedy Entertainment Will release on October 27 2023
  • Alan Wake 2 is coming 13 years after the original and takes place 13 years after
  • We’ll play as Alan, as well as FBI agent Saga Anderson
    Alan Wake 2 Official Artwork  



Released back in 2010 by Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake tells the story of a famous crime-fiction author suffering from a writer’s block. This also causes tension with his wife Alice, so the couple decide to take a small vacation in the small town of Bright Falls.

As Alice reveals the true purpose of their visit, to help with the psychologist, Alan storms out of the cabin, only to hear Alice screaming. At his arrival he sees her being engulfed by the lake and promptly jumps in to save her.


Alan Wake


At his awakening he discovers a different situation, something more sinister has lured him in and is trying to take Alice with it. Alan thus finds himself in what he calls Dark World, here dark figures try to attack him, and he’s able to defend himself with a combination of firearms and light sources. Thus confronting the source of the Dark Presence. Here he decides to use his writings to resolve the situation, but at the cost of his freedom thus remaining stuck in the Dark World cabin.

  Alan Wake remastered Alan with Sarah Breaker    

American Nightmares and Control


In American Nightmare’s we know that he tries different approaches to find a way out, one of which takes the shape of a tv show episode approach. Here Alan finds himself facing a dark version of himself, referred to as Mr Scratch, trying to take Alice from him. Thus culminating in his dark version demise, with Alan trying to find a way out. Sometimes being able to communicate with the outside world through his writing attempts he’s able to somehow reach the secret government agency known as Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), who investigated Bright Falls after the events of the first game, thus tying the Alan Wake universe with Control.

  Control AWE dlc with Alan Wake and Jesse Faden    

Alan Wake II


Taking place 13 years after the events, Alan comes back from the Dark World. This time around we’ll also play as Saga Anderson, an FBI agent and sidekick to Alex Casey, a character that seems to exist in this world as well as Alan’s imaginary one. Here Saga will investigate Bright Falls for a series of murder, but will soon realize that something is off. As the citizens welcome her as if she was part of the community. Needless to say, the abrupt return of a frightened Alan to the real world is not a good sign.

  Alan Wake 2 Alan and Saga Anderson    

In this new adventure we’ll play as both Alan and Saga, being able to freely choose how many sections we want to play with either of them, as they investigate and confront different sections. The game has shifted dramatically more toward a survival horror game, as opposed to the previous more action adventure in a creepy environment. The gameplay as a whole has been refined also thanks to Remedy’s Northlight, powered with ray tracing technologies, which combines amazingly with the light vs dark game mechanics. 

Alan Wake 2 by Remedy Entertainment will release on October 27 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Epic Games Store)




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