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Release date
February 12, 2013
Official website
Gearbox Software
Action FPS Aliens Co-op Shooter Multiplayer Sci-fi

About this game

Aliens Colonial Marines takes place right after the events of the first alien movie (1986). A fresh batch of marines awakens from slumber lead by captain Cruz, on a fact-finding mission on LV-426 to find out what happened to the first expedition that was sent months ago. They find a ship still orbiting the planet, the Sulaco the first expeditions ship. Cruz sent a detachment to the ship already but none of them have returned. Your name is Corporal Christopher Winter part of the second wave of marines to board the Sulaco you and your team must find the ship’s flight recorder and find out what’s going on.

  • Aliens Colonial Marines is a true sequel to the 1986 film bringing with it the same eerie atmospheric world, tread back to the Sulaco, Hadley’s Hope, and LV-4226. Use the weapons as seen in the movie pulse rifles, motion trackers, and flame throwers.
  • The campaign can be played solo or co-op with up to 4 players with drop-in and out mechanics without ruining the flow of the campaign.
  • Online multiplayer mode: Play as the aliens or the marines in 4 game modes team deathmatch, extermination, escape, and survival.


This would be fine if much of the action was not just so vanilla. This is a solid shooter, but not the game that Aliens fans had long hoped for.



Aliens: Colonial Marines’ odious mess can be smelled from low orbit, and only the most ardent Aliens fans will find anything redeeming.



The base game plus the limited Edition DLC Pack
  • Apone, Hicks, Hudson, and Drake characters from the 1986 Alien movie come to competitive multiplayer as cosmetic skins.
  • New weapons cosmetics: Ripley’s pulse rifle and flamethrower.
  • New customization options for marines in Competitive multiplayer

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