All About The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Information

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Destiny 2


Information about the Destiny 2 weekly reset as well as daily reset has been shared by Bungie. If you’ve played any MMO genres before you may know about this resets, but Destiny 2 is a little bit different.

Why Are There Daily And Weekly Resets?

A huge part about playing Destiny 2 is about grinding (doing repeated activities to gain points or increase skill levels). The resets will allow Bungie to limit these in order to even out the end game grind. Since this is a big part of the game, the resets are helpful because it will actually even out the distance between player progress.

When Does The Resets Occur?

The weekly resets are available every Tuesday.

There are also daily resets that actually changes during the daylight savings time. From March to November, the reset starts at 2 AM PDT and from November to March at 1 AM PST.

Destiny 2

What Are Available In The Resets?

Daily Resets:

The Daily Resets bring new progression and rewards for challenges as well as re playable adventures.

Weekly Resets:

The changes included for this are for the post campaign phase. The activities like Lost Sectors, Public Events and strikes that will raise your power. When you reach higher levels the lesser the exercises will be.

Destiny 2 actually available now and it is available to be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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