Allkeyshop And Users Donate To The Ocean Cleanup

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Allkeyshop And Users Donate To The Ocean Cleanup Cover


Allkeyshop was able to donate more than 700 Euros to a charity called The Ocean Cleanup with the very first go of the Allkeyshop Charity Lottery. There were about 780 users who joined in the lottery, donating 10,000 points which they earned with the Allkeyshop rewards program.

We’ve also received a Proof of Donation from The Ocean Cleanup which was signed by CEO and Founder of The Ocean Cleanup, Boyan Slat.

The Ocean Cleanup: Latest Milestone – Ariel Expedition

An Aerial expedition was recently conducted by The Ocean Cleanup with a purpose to “accurately quantify the ocean’s biggest and harmful debris, discarded fishing gear called Ghost Nets.” As seen in an update on their website, the conducted aerial expedition will show how much garbage there is in the Pacific Garbage Patch. This expedition also marks the last stages of mapping the ocean’s plastic problem.

The Aerial Expedition has a team of 10 researchers, 3 sensor technicians, and 7 navigation personnel. They used a C3-130 Hercules Aircraft called Ocean Force One. The team was able to find and count harmful debris in the ocean’s surface with the use of experienced human observers as well as advanced sensors. The advanced sensors were able to convert the count of the visual survey to an estimated weight just by registering the size of the object it detects.

All these results that came from the Aerial Expedition will be a huge help in their cleanup technology which they called “the pilot”, this scheduled for launch this year.