Allkeyshop eGazzette #2 November Edition

November 25, 2022 at 6:59 PM in eGazette with no comments

Greetings to our amazing community!

Here’s our eGazette #2 November Edition.

  Allkeyshop eGazette #2 November Edition  



Reward Program

Regarding the Wheel of Fortune (Reward Program) reset time, we have heard your feedback and changes will be made to make it dynamic. The time frame of the reset time will be different each time so that it will still be completely random.



A new bot has been added to the official Allkeyshop Discord so that you can compare prices directly on Discord with the use of the command /price.

  official Allkeyshop Discord   official Allkeyshop Discord  

Don’t miss out and join us in our Allkeyshop Discord community if you haven’t yet. We have free giveaways every week so make sure that you join now.



Tune in to our Twitch channel. We stream live on this schedule:

  Twitch channel Allkeyshop_tv  

We also offer one giveaway each stream day so don’t miss it.


Price History & Focus

One of our more popular features is the Price History so we decided to bring it back. This was put back last October 11th.

  Price History & Focus  

Right now, it is still a work in progress, but we are hoping to finalize it soon. We are planning to add more features and revamp the others.

Another thing that we are working on is adding better prices for the console versions of games on our website (this includes box editions if they are better than the digital ones).


Languages & Currencies

We are also planning to add two other currencies to our site which are Australian dollars (AUD) and Canadian dollars (CAD).



In order to give you, our community, more control we are updating our API with more search filters, better game information, and improved price comparison service.


NFT Rewards

We made the announcement during our eGazzette #2 September Edition that our NFT Rewards is still a work in progress and that it will be online as soon as possible.

We also wanted to tell you that we will be using Solana which had the lowest energy footprint across the crypto networks.

The Solana Foundation promises different tools to keep the network carbon-neutral in the following years so that it would be the most scalable, low-impact blockchain.


Black Friday

Looking for games at amazing discounts? The Black Friday sales are still ongoing. Check out our Ultimate Guide in this article: Black Friday Best Guide to Buying Discounted Games