Allkeyshop Reward Program: What You Need to Know

February 13, 2023 at 7:44 AM in Uncategorized with no comments

The Allkeyshop reward program caters to users as well as to professionals.

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Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune gives you a chance to win a PlayStation 5, Gift Cards, or even Points. To get extra chances, you can also install our browser extension.


Browser Extensions


The Allkeyshop browser extension is a handy tool for those who would want to compare prices to get the best deals for video games. You can use this with a lot of sites including Amazon, Steam, and Uplay.


Citation Tools


Citation tools offer exclusive quests that you can do to earn more points as well as more spins at the Wheel of Fortune.






TWITCH & YOUTUBE Partnership


If you are a Twitch or Youtube streamer, you can join us if you want to create giveaways for your community. This is all for free, and we will be doing the work for you.


WEBSITE Partnership


If you are a professional blogger or work with a specialized site and would want additional income, then head on to our Allkeyshop Affiliate program. This complements Adsense and is also free as well as easy-to-use.