Anno 1800 Critics Review Round Up!

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Anno 1800 Review Round-Up

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The highly anticipated city-builder and management sim, Anno 1800 will be launching tomorrow. Both Blue Byte and Ubisoft did promise a lot of new things for their newest installment, can they live up to the hype that they’ve created.

To have an idea, we were able to create a critics review round up for you which you can check out below:

PC GAMER — 84/100

“Its early game is a wonderfully relaxing experience, while the later stages will have you scratching your mutton-chops and happily stretching your braces in equal measure.”

– Rick Lane


“Parts of the game will intrigue strategy and management sim fans. Others, however, owing to the lack of mechanics or explanations, will feel as though you’re just brute-forcing your way through.”

– Jason Rodriguez 

PC GAMES N — 7/10

“A vibrant snapshot of the Victorian era that’s bustling with character, but doesn’t explore the intriguing, seismic politics of the period.”

– Robert Zak


“Although the tutorials could be clearer and more detailed, there’s an impressive and addictive game here for those willing to give it the requisite time and patience.”

– Dan Hodges


“Anno 1800 nails its gameplay loop with aplomb while adding plenty of new features to expand it further. From the grand aesthetic to the rich atmosphere and gameplay depth, Blue Byte’s latest is a return to form for the franchise.”

– Ravi Sinha


“It is a technical achievement for strategy gaming that goes unrivaled, and while its complexity may be a roadblock for some, the return on your investment would make even the greediest fat cat smile.”

– Khayl Adam


“A gorgeous-looking, extremely polished city builder that offers a relaxed experience with light RPG, diplomatic and combat elements.”

– Nicolo Paschetto

And that’s the review round up for Anno 1800 and the critics are mixed. There are some who loved it, there are also some who thought the game was lacking.

Anno 1800 is launching on April 16 for PC. Steam will only have the game until it launches and it will disable the purchases of the game on launch. The game will then be available for Epic Games Store or Uplay.


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