Anno 1800 Devblog Ornaments

January 18, 2019 at 7:10 PM in Digital Download News with no comments
Anno 1800

A new Anno 1800 devblog has been shared and it talks about the game’s ornaments. These ornaments are what gives the game its attractiveness. It will have some trees, fence modules, statues, benches and so much more.

These ornamental sets come in 1 by 1 tile or up to 3 by 3 tiles. What’s also great about these are that they do not generate any upkeep cost. These ornaments can also generate city attractiveness that can sum up when you build some large parks, tourist vistas and the like.

When your city has a high attractiveness rating it will also have an impact on your reputation which some of the people in the diplomacy system which is a good thing for you.

The ornaments also play an important role in generating income for your metropolis. The more attractive your cities are, the more tourists will flock to your place. This will also give you the chance to get important visitors like rare specialists coming in to view some of your interesting exhibits.

Not only will you make a vast, sprawling metropolis in Anno 1800, you must also make the most attractive one as well.

Anno 1800 is scheduled to launch on February 27, 2019, available to be played on PC.

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 Anno 1800 Launches On February 2019

The launch date of the latest entry of the classic city-building series Anno has been announced with Anno 1800 launching on February 2019.