Another Trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield Features Items and QoL

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield  

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are almost here! But before we can go exploring in the Galar Region, Nintendo shared with us some new features of the game as well as some new items and how each one works.

In the trailer, we get to see ‘mints’ and they are used to change the stats of a Pokemon depending on the ‘mint’ given as well as depending on the ‘nature’ of the Pokemon. An example of this is the ‘modest mint’ which can lower the attack stat of Pikachu while boosting his Sp. There will also be supplements available in the game and they are still the best way to max specific stats. There are also special candies like the Rare candies and Exp candies that can help out Pokemon that are left behind in stats to catch up.

Get to watch the full Items and Features trailer below:


There had also been some quality-of-life features available. Pokemon of the same species can now copy egg moves. Pokemon “boxes” can now be accessed almost anywhere making it easier for players to change their party lineup whenever they would want. Previously this can only be done when using a PC.

What we also know about the game is that the EXP share item will not be coming back in Sword and Shield. But, the EXP Share will be a standard effect in battle. The details right now are not clear, but from what we’ve gathered all Pokemon in a player’s party will get EXP after a battle regardless if they participated or not. We will know more during the game’s launch.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are set to launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on November 15.


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